Published Works


An analysis of anti-capitalist themes in the work of Laird Barron. Published in Blood Knife.

Short Story

A Northampton couple's date is interrupted by a hipster spoken-word-poet-slash-necromancer. Published in The Future Will be Written by Robots from Spaceboy Books.

Poetry I Guess

Published in Paintbucket.

Short Story

An enterprising young leftist exorcises a ghost in her rich client's apartment.

Published in Speculative City vol 2.
Also produced by The Overcast.


A trust fund kid and a dirtbag punk have to save the Five Colleges from eldritch horrors and less-eldritch movie producers. Published by Spaceboy Books.

Short Story

An extreme cooking gameshow runs afoul of a Russian folk tale. Published in Mad Scientist Journal.

Short Story

I just didn't really like steampunk at the time. Published in Mad Scientist Journal.